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Into The Mystic: Yoga Pilgrimage to the Sacred Lands of Scotland

  • EcoYoga Retreat Center Argyll Scotland (map)


What is a pilgrimage? A pilgrimage is a devotional journey, an inner quest to an outer sacred space, a dedicated time following the path of the Soul. It is beyond, even, the heart-space of a retreat and in far-away land from vacation. Beyond all things, a pilgrimage is a journey into the mystical realms that lie in the relationship between a sacred landscape or monument and the cauldron of the heart.

A sacred journey begins in the moment of your outward commitment. From the moment you registered for our time together in August, the gifts of the pilgrimage begin to work on you. The journey itself is considered the mid-way point.  Soften and begin to allow yourself to begin connecting to Scotland, once known as Alba, which means Light.  Scotland is considered by many to be an anchor of crystalline light and a spiritual seat of the planet.  The land is mysterious and rugged, ethereal and solid, the land of the warrior Picts and the realm of the Fae (faeries).

Join yoga instructor and priestess Abby Tucker at EcoYoga in Scotland – the most incredible home of naturally-heated hot tubs, underground saunas, spa dome, and winding river. Deepen your yoga practice and explore Scotland’s rich spiritual story with visits to a 15th century castle of the Duke, ancient stone carvings, and more. Let’s just say we have plenty of insider secrets to guide the way.

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