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Abby puts her heart & soul into her teachings, themes, and sequences. You will not take a more eloquent, authentic, and meaningful yoga class in your life. She is the REAL deal.
— Carole Westerman, Owner, Lotus House of Yoga, Omaha, NE
Down-home, heart-felt, carefully woven themes and sequences that heal and strengthen the body and spirit and elevate our sense of purpose in the world. Abby teaches classes that ask us to participate 100%, no more and no less, in becoming truly ourselves, supported by a loving and lively community of the heart. Abby uses her own experiences and her love of the irreverent juxtaposition of pop culture references with a deep understanding of Ttantric philosophy to create an alchemy of yogic practices, including asana, pranayama, and meditation, with just the right mixture of humor, firmness, and compassion, to ask us to be our best selves individually and collectively. Welcoming, challenging, purposeful, authentic, powerful, playful, with deep love and respect for each of us and what we bring to the mat.
— JW

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Bootcamp for the heart!
— AS
Inspirational, fun and always unexpected! Love them...
— NL
Abby teaches a skillful yoga of embodiment. I often find myself, weeks or months or years after having practiced with Abby, finding unexpected richness that endures long after my ninety minutes with her are up. Abby’s teaching is an invitation to step skillfully into currents that may take us to places we could not possibly expect, an invitation that is coupled with a grounding in practices that empower us to navigate those currents with grace.
— AG