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Find Your Flow

When we nurture our inherent connection to our internal waters, our lives unfold into radical, unexpected magic and beauty. Erin Chalfant, Abby Tucker and Jennifer Lane team up to create a class that deeply honors the maiden river goddess who brings, joy, abundance, wonder and play into our lives.

Join us for an afternoon of stories and juicy movements that invite you to step more fully into the currents of your life.

Amber Field offers her otherworldly sounds as we delve into deep hip openers, connect to the light-heartedness of the maiden river goddess, and re-write our stories through guided meditation and journaling.



All students will receive a free copy of Erin's (her pen name is Eila Carrico) book The Other Side of the River: Stories of Women, Water and the World.

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The Instructors:
Abby Tucker
Abby Tucker is a beloved Bay Area yoga teacher and an initiated priestess in the Avalon Mysteries. She is known as a master storyteller and weaver of tales as part of the sacred soul practices of hatha yoga. Abby teaches public classes, workshops and retreats, as well as advanced studies programs in the Bay Area, nationally and internationally.

As a teacher, Abby creates an atmosphere of keeping it real. She speaks from the authentic place of her own heart experience and is renowned for her unique ability to make the practices of yoga pertinent to the full spectrum of life experience.

Jennifer Marie Lane
Jennifer is an adept dreamer and a creative alchemical specialist of the body, heart and mind. She is an initiated high Priestess in the Avalon lineage.

Since 1997, Jennifer has explored the healing arts, dream exploration, and conscious embodiment in a variety of modalities. Her studies range from the theoretical academic models of Medical Anthropology and Anthropological Genetics (BA, Stanford University), to the physical joyful expression of dance and yoga (practitioner and teacher), to the practical study and application of bodywork and chiropractic (DC, valedictorian, Life Chiropractic College West), into the practices of deep meditation and magic.

Erin Chalfant
Erin is a published author, poet, and deep listener who delights in the mystery and magic of inner and outer landscapes. She is an initiated Priestess in the Avalon lineage who taught and lived in Paris, Ghana, Thailand and India before settling into her studies of Anthropology, Religion and Chinese Medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Erin is an E-RYT with nine years of experience in creating dynamic flow classes. Her personal practice includes a decade of yoga and meditation, nature immersions, wilderness training, certification with Insight Yoga Institute, Zen Hospice and Earth Activists, a master's degree in Engaged World Psychology (MA, 2012), and a fine arts degree in Creative Writing and Consciousness (MFA, 2014).
She writes under the pen name Eila Kundrie Carrico.