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Healing the Soul: An Introduction to Shamanic Journeying with Abby Tucker and Paula Horowitz

Shamanic journeying has long been a path of healing and empowerment for people all around the world. Join yoga teacher and Priestess of Avalon Abby Tucker and Shamanic Healer Paula Horowitz for this powerful afternoon of healing and empowerment. 

 Shamanic journeying is a path to discovery of spiritual insight and strength within, as well as to a path of healing and renewal. The workshop will include a heart opening and grounding yoga practice, followed by a healing shamanic journey which will help you discover your special power animal protector and guide. 

Start 2016 off with this powerful practice to initiate into your dreams and intentions from deep within. We hope this workshop will provide you with a way to feel personally empowered and gain access to spiritual guidance that can help you step in to your full potential and live your most powerful life. There is magic and joy on this journey to non-ordinary reality.



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