What's In a Name?

I've just come in from the garden, where my beets--planted two weeks ago-- are sprouting. The noon sun is high and hot, and it's time to come inside for a few hours.

This morning, the moon turned new in the sign of Aries, which is the first sign of the astrological year.  The symbol for Aries looks very much like a sprouting plant--perfect for this season of spring where the seeds that have been hidden away beneath the earth's surface, or the seeds of intention held deep in our hearts are now ignited by the growing height and heat of the Sun and begin to break the surface into the seen world.  Aries is a fire sign and holds the qualities of the spark that ignites and propels us into the new.

Since the last new moon in Aries, I've been through a tremendous amount change and transition--I changed yoga studios and now teach all my classes at Namaste Yoga and Wellness in Berkeley; I was initiated as a Priestess of Avalon in Glastonbury, England; I moved out of and sold my home of 9 years; lost my beloved grandmother and a dear uncle; lived in 13 different places during the moving process; and bought and moved into my dream home with 6 acres of land in the Sierra Foothills. As I look back over each decision I made, I can trace back the roots of each change to five or so years ago.   It has been a several year process of letting go of old ways of being, communities, and even identity to arrive at this place where I am living with more clarity, authenticity, and inner power.

It feels appropriate to announce on this new moon in Aries 2016 that I will begin to transition from the name Yoga Bohemian, under which I have done my work.  My teaching and offering have broadened in scope and are becoming more defined in structure.

I am very happy to introduce The Sovereign Path.  

The Sovereign Path will encompass all my yoga offerings, as well as my programs that are based more in the mystical Celtic and earth wisdom/shamanic traditions. The deep underlying essence of the paths that I have chosen to study and practice share a core value to become the sovereign of our own lives and to aim to move from that state of self-sovereignty in all that we do and offer into the world.  To be sovereign is to remember our innate power and value.  It is a lives-long process of stepping more fully into our own wild essence and nature while being lovingly self-governing.

Several programs are being developed.  The first official Sovereign Path program is The Sovereign Path: A Women's Immersion into Earth Wisdom.  This will be a 6-month immersion into living in rhythm with nature and with the seasons of our own lives as women. Additionally, I am currently developing the full curriculum for a 200-hour Sovereignty Yoga Teacher Training that will begin in the fall of 2017.  And there is more brewing.

It feels very good to move in the direction of more clearly reflecting the evolution of my teaching and offerings.  Over time, the Yoga Bohemian moniker will be retired.  While I love it and have carried it since 2003, it was born very early in my teaching career and was pointedly aligned to the style of yoga I was practicing and teaching at the time. Today, it feels less and less like it truly expresses who I am now as a person and as a yoga teacher.

Thank you all for being such a supportive and generous community that is willing to grow and evolve our practices over time.

May we all continue to Live Our Legend.