The Sword of Clarity and the Lens of Compassion

Yesterday, I wrote about embracing and being embraced by the Dark Mother during this waning and Dark Moon phase of the moon's cycle.  These dark nights are leading to a darkening of the sun on Monday (the Great American Eclipse).  Everything is pointing us towards taking a long and clear look at our individual and collective shadowed selves--the parts of ourselves that we placed in exile or the parts of ourselves that we deny exist.

The thing with working with the shadow is that you aren't trying to get rid of it, because ultimately you can't. Your shadowy bits are the pieces that desperately want your love and attention.  They are the the parts of ourselves that we have cast out and all they want is to be invited back to the table. When they aren't, they lash out.

As is my usual practice, I pulled an oracle card for the Dark Moon period with the question of what virtues do I need to hold and exhibit during this Dark Moon period.  I pulled "Compassion."

There really couldn't be a more perfect card for this Dark Moon and for working with and embracing the Dark Mother, who is ultimately and fully compassionate.  Yes, she can be fierce, but it is out of her compassion that she is so.  The Dark Mother takes you on the journey to welcoming back all of yourself, to call all of yourself back home and to the table. Sometimes that journey includes a lot of kicking and screaming and we have to remember to be compassionate with all parts of who we are. Note that compassionate and indulgent are very different.  Compassion is not always comfortable.  As a dear teacher and friend of mine says, "You can only go as fast as the slowest part of yourself."

So during these nights leading up to the New Moon in Leo on Monday and in this deeply influential eclipse portal, remember that compassion is your ally.  Look at yourself and our nation with the sword of clarity and also with the lens of compassion.