Embracing the Dark Mother in Dark Times

It's been an intense few days.

It's been an intense week.

It's been an intense month.

It's been an intense 7 months . . . 9 months . . . Year.

We are in the center of an ethical, cultural and spiritual crisis, and while I do feel that, at its heart, this time of chaos and crisis will lead us to the transformation that is required to finally shake the chains of bigotry, misogyny and greed that grip our nation and much of the world, arriving at the world we want sometimes requires passing through the firey thresholds of initiation and alchemy.

We are entering the Dark Moon phase of the month when the moon is at her darkest leading to her rebirth.  The dark moon period of each month is always a time to be in reflection and release of the hidden and shadowed parts of ourselves.  This dark moon is particularly potent as it leads us to the full solar eclipse, known as the Great American Eclipse, this Monday with the second new moon in Leo.  Eclipses shine a light on the shadows, and for us as a nation, this one is arriving right on time.  Will we finally face the great shadow of our nation?

During these next days, I will be spending time in deeper relationship with the Dark Mother archetype.  The love of the Dark Mother is so great that she absorbs it all into her benevolence. And, while sometimes that looks like a great burning away in our lives, we are simultaneously being embraced by Her in the process.

The Dark Mother goes by many many names and arrives in as many forms. She is Kali, Inanna, Hecate, the Dark Madonna, the Morrigan, the Calliach. Her names are infinite. Her forms diverse.

I invite you, my friends, as part of our work of stepping more fully into our sovereignty to be embraced by and to embrace the Dark Mother during these dark and chaotic times.  Sit with her, talk to her, gaze on her face, chant her many names, pray to her.  She will embrace you completely and she will lovingly absorb all those exiled parts and call them back into the community of love and acceptance. Jai Ma!