Divining Spring. The Mini-Season Called Imbolc

Last evening marked the beginning of the mini-season called Imbolc. Mini-seasons (of which there are four), teach us that all things begin in the energy field before they are evident in the outer world. 6 weeks before winter is over, the energy and momentum turn towards spring. This season (marked on the calendar as February 2, but with more appropriate solar and lunar arrivals that reach to next week's new moon), is the awakening of spring beneath the surface, perhaps still under the cloak of snow. The crone goes out of her winter hovel in the garb of the maiden to divine how much more fire wood she will need. Should her divining rod cast a shadow, she gathers more wood (somehow this became a groundhog in Pennsylvania!). Imbolc is the true birth of the new year. Bring your intentions out of the belly where they have been gestating and into your nurturing arms. Like an infant, this cycle's intentions need your love, patience, and long-term commitment in order to grow and bear fruit.