Post Election.

This is likely to be a very long post. Settle in if you like or if you dare . . . "Can I be real a second? For just a millisecond? Put down my guard and tell the people how I feel a second" This is not a statement of neutrality.

When you place euphoria and devastation side by side in a matter of hours, well, your mind, body, and heart revolt. While I was able to hold it together well enough to hold the space for the 40+ crying souls who came to class to be in community and share their grief, afterwards, well, a splitting headache, body aches and nausea, put me in bed. I feel like my body was moving out all the toxic build-up from this long nightmare of election and was simultaneously wailing from the depths of not only my own body but from the body of the Earth, for the course things have taken.

But today, I am up. I am strong and clear. I know what my values are. I know what are my Yes's and that they direct my No's. I know that the warrior within me will fight for my Yes's on every level and in every realm.

The President-Elect makes my body, mind and heart scream with NO. But it is folly to reject the fact that this is the situation (even though it was only chosen by a quarter of eligible voters and a full half of eligible voters opted out of using their voices). I am the first to stand up and say that I, too, believe we need a serious evolution in how things have been done and handled to this point. I was a Bernie voter who made her way to Hillary. All that to say, I'm not an establishment kind of woman who wants to maintain the status quo. Far from it.

So, on this day, I proclaim and declare what are my Yes's and you can rest assured that I will be standing up and working in all the realms with all of the power of my birthright and my training for those things and against those which stand in their way.

I am for the thriving of all humans, regardless of age, color, sexual orientation, gender, culture, ethnicity, ability or disability

I am for the Earth, the waters, the trees, the animals.

I am for the children, not just mine. I am for the children beyond my lifetime, and beyond and beyond and beyond.

I am for the full dismantling of the Liararchy that has subjegated and oppressed not just the women of this world but the men as well.

I am for all beings to live into their full potential regardless of what family they were born to or what country they were born in.

Whatever stands in the way of these things, I reject with the full force of my power.

Whatever stands in the way of these things, I reject with the full force of my power.

Whatever stands in the way of these things, I reject with the full force of my power.

Perhaps you have not fully seen me until now, because what I showed you was in the "polite good girl" column.
Let go of that image. I am a woman who is stepping with fullness into her Sovereignty. And I'm not alone. We are legions.

I'll leave you with this, from one of my mythology teachers, Sharon Blackie:

"Sometimes, anger and grief is a necessary precursor to transformation. Sometimes, we need to let the wild woman rage. To grow feathers and fur, and run wild through the woods. Sometimes, we need to bite. To stop being nice and talking about love and light and thinking that we can make the world a better place just by pretending that it’s so, or that we can make Donald Trump a better man by sending him love and light through the ether. (Yes, I’ve seen that proposed as a solution to yesterday’s catastrophe by women I’d expect to know better. It beggars belief.) These are dark days in our history, and dark days for women. If women want to change that, we need to take hold of that pure, honest energy which fuels our necessary rage and grief, and use it next for transformation. Find the hag energy. Use it. Transmute it; transform it. It’s what all good alchemists do, and women are born alchemists."