Our 2016 Theme Is . . .

A new calendar year dawned on January 1, and yet, Nature, the true keeper of time and cycles, is not yet reborn. Our new year has been conceived in the darkness of the Winter Solstice and is being nourished in the womb of time, gestating, waiting, preparing for it's true birth in early February.

Many of you have heard me talk about how our "new year's resolutions" are sort of doomed if we go head long into trying to activate them in the outer world at this time. The energy is just not with it. This is why even the most heartfelt intentions languish or are even extinguished before the year has actually been born.

Now. Now is the time for feeling into the landscape into which these intentional seeds will be planted.  What is the backdrop of the year to come?  Where is the plot of the story set? Where is the soil in which it will take root and grow when the time is right?

January has always marked the time in the Yoga Bohemian community when I reveal our theme for the year.  The theme weaves itself into the fabric of our practice, into our individual and community explorations as humans and practitioners.  The yearly theme, is always the backdrop of my teaching throughout a year, and the ground on which I stand when I teach.  It always reveals itself to me somewhere in the dreamy time between early November and the Winter Solstice.  Often, my mind has tried to direct the process, but inevitably the theme is pulled through from another realm, landing in my lap as declaration and directive. "Here is the theme."  And it's always just as much a theme for me personally as for my teaching and community.


Our 2016 theme is "Live Your Legend." Each one of us has a path that is ours and ours alone. The Aborigines of Australia call them songlines, the Hindu's call it svadharma,  the awenyddion call it the silver thread.  No matter what it's called, it points to the very real fact that We are mythic beings having an Earthwalk. We are immortals who have chosen to become mortal. We are the infinite in the form of the temporal.  We are living legends. And right now, we are the modern ancients who are ushering in a massive shift in Consciousness.

We won't all be known for all of history. Our names will mostly be lost to time.  But we are known by the cosmos. We are known, too, by the Earth herself.  She recognizes your particular footsteps, your particular song, your particular offering.

We all have stories of legendary characters in our own families or communities. Too, we know of beings in the world famously known for what they offered in some way.  The legends of the past did not know the end of their story, or perhaps even their own legendary nature. Rather, the lived their legend--milestones and seemingly insignificant moments added together as their story.  An apple fell on Newton's head. Rosa Parks sat down in the front of the bus. And someone was Martin Luther King Jr's 1st grade teacher and taught him to write.  All sacred work.  We do not have to be well known to have a legend or to live our legend. We simply have to be born.

Daily Practice to begin:

Every day, and as many times as you like, do two simple things to help you connect your mythic legendary self to your going to work and making dinner self:

1. Pause

2. Watch your breath.

3. Feel all the points of contact of your body to the Earth (this can be standing, sitting, lying down--any position)

It's that easy to get started.

I look forward to exploring our own legendary nature all year.  It's a multi-dimensional theme that should move from dot-to-dot, eventually illuminating your own distinct path for this year and beyond.