"I am expanding forward into new opportunities in my teaching and in my life."

Today, we sit in the space between Tuesday's new moon in Gemini and the Summer Solstice. We sit in the seam just before true summer where growth is all around us and the natural world is bursting forth, no longer able to contain itself or the life force within it. 

As I write this, I look at the tomato plants over-spilling the boundaries of the pot that houses them in my backyard.  While most new moons pull us inward, this year's Gemini new moon charges us to embrace change and to take what life has offered us during the previous lunation and channel into a clear, positive and ignited direction. Meanwhile, the length of each day continues to grow towards its zenith on Sunday, and it invites us to celebrate the continued growth and long days while taking a moment to pause and recognize that the daylight and the Earth herself will once again begin their slow inward turn. 

I truly cannot think of a more appropriate moment to share with the Yoga Bohemian community that I am expanding forward into new opportunities in my teaching and in my life.  It is a transition that I am very excited about and anchored fully into, while certainly experiencing the bittersweet moments that accompany growth opportunities and transition.

Beginning Wednesday, July 1, I will move my public teaching, creating, and growing to the locally-owned Namaste Studios in Berkeley and Oakland.  I feel very clear of the harmonious alignment of this decision for the direction my teaching is moving and for this moment in my life. Namaste is the perfect incubator of collaborative, spiraling growth that my heart's vision is holding.  Namaste's three studios are exquisitely beautiful and dedicated fully to being the sacred container of the inner transformation of the practice of yoga and for the diverse community of practitioners who practice there.  In our modern culture, there are community-gathering spaces called "third-spaces," which add to a community's sense of pride and identity. To me, Namaste exemplifies and is committed to its role as a sacred gathering space that is deeply steeped in the East Bay and its unique identity of yoga teachers and practitioners. 

It is inevitable when we turn towards something new in our lives that we must let another thing go.  I bow down fully to every moment, every student, every teacher, and all the staff of the Yoga Tree who have been my yoga home and family since November 2011. The co-founders and former owners Tara Dale and Tim Dale, along with the amazing staff they cultivated, will always be in my heart with deep appreciation for embracing me and my students during the past (nearly) four years.  My final public classes at Yoga Tree will be Thursday, July 2.

As practitioners of yoga, we invite ourselves to shift with every breath and every practice. We invite ourselves to sit in the seam between, to pause, and to align in every way to what is call of the deepest part of our heart and our truth.  We honor the beginnings and ends of cycles knowing that life and Consciousness are always flowing through a pulsation of expansion and contraction. We have ridden many waves together as a community steeped in the knowledge that we are held by the grace of breath that holds us.

You'll find that my schedule is minimally changed. Nearly all of your favorites are intact and in place.  At this time, I will only teach one night per week and am condensing my schedule into four teaching days so that I can attend to my writing and other creative calls of my heart.  "The Practice" will be on hiatus this summer, but will be worked in as soon as we can.  My public class schedule and a welcome from Namaste Studios is available HERE.

As always, you can find my most up-to-date teaching schedule and soul offerings in these newsletters and at my newly re-designed website www.yogabohemian.com.  Additionally, we can keep connected via social media at:




I look forward to continuing our journey together in this new expanded form!