The In-Between Season

The Season of In-Between is upon us. Last night, of course, was Halloween/calendar Samhain, and today is the Feast of the Dead/Day of Souls.  We recognize that there is something different at this time of the year. The veils have thinned to a place where we can feel in-between realms. Here in the 3rd dimension of our life, one day can be warm and summer-like and the next downright cold.  Some trees are already bare, some in full fall color, and some still green.  It can be confusing.

As many of you know from spending time with me over the years, our January-December calendar year doesn't match up to the Earth's year.  The calendar year doesn't make space for the In-Between Season, which isn't surprising in our go-go-go mentality.

The In-Between Season begins with the stroke of midnight on October 31.  This is the moment when the Earth calls her year complete and perfect, exhales, and dies.  And here's the beauty of this schedule . . . the new year doesn't really start right up at the turn of midnight, no . . . there is six-week pause before the new year is conceived at the Winter Solstice (and gestated until February 2!). So in this moment, we are neither here nor there.

November 1 signals to us that it's time not necessarily to close up shop and hibernate until spring, but rather to drop beneath the surface of the obvious and to work in the underlayers.  It is the time where we no longer harvest and we don't yet replant. These next six weeks are an incredible opportunity to look at anything in our life--on going projects, dreams, realities--and to investigate the unseen energies that are affecting their potency and flow.  I was recently reminded by one of my teachers that it's not just the banks of the river that determine the speed of a river's flow. Beneath the surface, changes in depth, unseen rocks or obstacles, are creating what's happening on the surface.

If there is any situation in your life right now, or this year that has felt stalled, these next six weeks are the perfect time to enter into the mists of the unseen realms and to find the debris that's blocking the flow.  It's quiet work. It's subtle work. It's not obvious and you may not see immediate results, but you can't get there without first going here.

While it is not easy to live in the in-between space, to see your way through the mists where the world is not defined and the shapes are blurred, it can be a rich, fecund experience.  

Aptly, my event schedule quiets at this time of year.  You'll notice on my workshop schedule, there are just a few remaining events on the 2015 calendar.  For the first time in over 10 years, I will not be teaching on Thanksgiving morning, reflecting the change in my teaching week that was initiated back in the summer.  So, I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  Mark your calendars now for our annual Winter Solstice candlelight yoga and meditation practice on December 19. This event will mark the moment where we move from space between to the conception of the next cycle of light. But for now . . . we go under.

Welcome to the Season of In-Between. Neither here nor there. Neither this nor that. But rich in potential.