What is The Sovereign Path? 

The Sovereign Path is a modern journey steeped in ancient mysteries and remembrances.  To all who enter upon it, The Sovereign Path is to walk a labyrinthine and deeply embodied route into the soulful experience and expression of life.  There is no destination or goal beyond living deeply, standing in your own authority and divine power, and offering hand in service to a world that desperately needs your truth and authenticity.  The path to self governance looks different for all who step upon it, and, while radically individual in its nature, we learn deeply from the experiences of others on their own journey.  To be Sovereign is to remember our innate power and value.  It is a lives-long process of stepping more fully into our own wild essence and nature while being lovingly self-governing. The Sovereign Path is the integration of Abby Tucker’s work as a priestess, mystic and yoga teacher.  The path holds at its core the value of self sovereignty in all that we do and offer in the world. The Sovereign Path is an ever deepening, ever expansive journey into intimacy with yourself.

Led by Abby Tucker, programs on The Sovereign Path include studies in a variety of personal and distance learning opportunities, including public yoga classes, private mentoring sessions, immersions, sacred circle gatherings, as well as retreats and pilgrimages to sacred lands.  In addition to the current offerings, Abby is developing a year-long immersive course for women, as well as several online study modules.