Abby Tucker is a dedicated yoga student, teacher, and lover of life. 

Abby Tucker is a beloved teacher, priestess and mystic, who is known for integrating her two paths -- the practices of yoga -- asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, mudra and mythology – with mystical earth-based and gnostic wisdom. Abby's classes offer dynamic biomechanics—gleaned from nearly 20 years of practice and study-- within a variety of contexts, including strength and stamina-building; slow empowered flow, or workshop-style depth. Often described as a "teacher's teacher," Abby's classes both nourish and empower students at every level of practice, from raw beginner to advanced practitioner. Abby's chief mission in teaching is to help students unveil their internal wisdom and power,and to educate them into the depth of practice so that they can thrive in practice and life for the long-term. 
Abby spent much of her childhood in a mystical field behind her home in Tennessee. It was there that she first learned that all of nature—including our own human nature—had a pulse, a rhythm and a cycle.  She became enchanted by yoga at the age of 10, and began exploring Eastern religions and philosophies in high school and college. It was in 1998 that she finally came to the practices of yoga and, finding her entire life transformed by its alchemy, she left her full-time career in public relations and in 1999 turned her life over to yoga, becoming a full-time yoga student for the next four years.  She began teaching in 2002, earned her Anusara certification in 2005, and now holds an E-RYT 500 with the Yoga Alliance.

In 2012, Abby heeded the call of the sacred work of the priestess.  She formally entered these practices in 2014 and is now an initiated priestess of the mysteries of Avalon through the lineage of Awakening Avalon.  This path has awakened something deep within her soul and it has brought about tremendous growth, healing and recognition, and continues her formal training within the lineage.  Abby leads women's circles, personal rites of passage ceremonies, and sacred pilgrimages as part of this work.  

When not teaching classes in Berkeley, you'll find Abby in sacred guardianship of her magical 6-acre farm in Somerset, California.

The Sovereign Path is the integration of Abby's yoga studies and her mystical practices.  The deep underlying essence of the paths that I have chosen to study and practice share a core value to become the Sovereign of our own lives and to aim to move from that state of self-sovereignty in all that we do and offer into the world.  To be Sovereign is to remember our innate power and value.  It is a lives-long process of stepping more fully into our own wild essence and nature while being lovingly self-governing.  The first official program of this path is a Women's Immersion, which will begin in October 2016 in Berkeley.  Abby is currently working on the curriculum for The Sovereign Path yoga teacher training to be debuted late 2017.

Bootcamp for the heart!
— AS